Monday, May 20, 2019

#47 - Boston Red Sux (24-22) at Toronto Blue Jays (19-27)

Monday, May 20, 2019 | 1:07 pm
Rogers Centre | Toronto, ON


The Toronto Blue Jays return home after salvaging a split in a four-game series against the White Sox in Chicago.  Today, they start a four-game set against the Boston Red Sox with the expected howls of outrage from East Massholia over having to fly into Toronto for an early ballgame (hey Red Sox fans?  Shut up).

David Price returns from the injury list to slowly pull out fingernails from Jays fans once again as he looks to build upon his career 21-3, 2.43 ERA record in 29 starts against the Jays.  Edwin Jackson makes his second start as a Blue Jay.


Relax... he's just getting a day off.

Have you ever wondered how to say "Fuck the Red Sox" in, let's say, Croatian?  Well, here you go: Fuck the Red Sox in different languages (link)

Maybe it's not quite clear how I feel about the Red Sox, but just in case, here's some visual proof:

Anyhoo.  Let's go on to the trivia...


Trivia:  It's a two-fer-one in regards to draft picks.

Who did the Blue Jays acquire as compensation for losing Cliff Johnson to free agency in 1985?
(a) Greg David     (b) Duane Ward     (c) Jim Abbott     (d) Tom Henke

Who did the Blue Jays draft as a compensatory pick for losing Bud Black to free agency in 1991?
(a) Carlos Delgado     (b) Shawn Green     (c) Chris Carpenter     (d) Shannon Stewart

Today's one-time Blue Jay of the Day is ... Mike Sharperson!

Years as a Jay: 1987
Stats as a Jay:  .208/.269/.271 with 0 HR, 9 RBI and 2 SB in 32 games (105 PAs)

  • Drafted 11th in the first round by the Jays in 1981
  • Debuted with the Jays in 1987 and was traded to the Dodgers in mid-season for Juan Guzman in a deal that worked out very well for the Jays
  • Was part of the "The Stunt Men" of the 1988 Dodgers that won the World Series as he was one of several utility players who could play multiple positions
  • Made the All-Star team in 1992 while hitting .300 with 21 doubles and a .387 OBP
  • Also won a ring with the 1995 Braves, though he only played 7 games with them
  • Died in a car accident at age 34 while playing for the Triple A Las Vegas team