Wednesday, March 22, 2023

8 days till opening day.

The previous post was getting large so here's a new one.

As noted above Apple TV's Friday night baseball is no longer free  to view. You're going to need a subscription.

Of note, the Jays are scheduled on Apple TV for Friday April 21 vs the Yankees and on Friday May 19 at home vs the O's. You can read more here.

I think this Link is pretty close to having the opening day line up.

MLBTR link has a breakdown of all the teams in the ALE and the changes to each team.

Good luck to everyone in the Jith fantasy league.

Monday, March 6, 2023

Happy Birthday JITH


         Yes, it's Jith's 7th birthday. On March 6th, 2016 this blog was created, by MK, as a haven for the followers of Andrew Stoeten. When he moved to the Blue Jays Nation website, one of the causalities was the comment section. It was unwieldly and non conducive to conversations. As such, MK knew there was a void to be filled , otherwise everyone would scatter to other sites. After conversations with Stoeten, she made the leap and gave birth to this place. Many changes have taken place since those first days and the blog has evolved to what it is today.

I went back to look at that first post just to see the cast of characters.

Morgan Burton, Warren, Joe Mcd, The Wolf, Lunchbox, Player to be named later, Blue Jay Matt, Paul M, Dr. Dikhead, GSMC, Tim, Karl Sagan, Guitar Davey, Karl Marx Buehrle, Bill Risley Lives, Mark, Man in the Suit, little Looper, Ban Sneakers, el cabeza, Tom W, The Bean Weasel, Turf Tested Kyle, Blue Ballz, Jose wants Noise, Double M, Catcher in the Rye, Joanna, Monkeyman, Oakville Jays, Noopi, Fowl of Canada, Karen, Steve O, AJ Breakfast Army,Bo'nd Two, Dabbles. just to name a few, many many, more followed in the following days, as word got spread.

Some News.

Steve O has graciously stepped up and will be the new commissioner for the Roto League.

Bautista will honoured on the Level of Excellence, August 12th

If you have any questions about the past, present or future, AMA.

Have a great birthday, members of Jith. And always remember " Go Jays, you assholes"

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Throwback Thursday: Honkbal!

Reposting from January 9, 2017. Thought it would be fun with the WBC around the corner.