Monday, November 21, 2022

Monday Morning Blues


First off, congrats to the Toronto Argonauts,winners of the 2022 Grey Cup! I forgot the game was on and sounds like I missed a good one!

I have to be at my surgeon's at 8:15 this morning. Ugh. I'm not built for mornings. 

How's your Monday?

Friday, November 18, 2022

Transaction Friday?


Yup, I'm bringing that chestnut back. I doubt there will be any transactions today but who knows?

In the meantime, let's go back in time.

I wrote about Teoscar on Oct 23, 2017.

Here's RADAR talking about the outfield on Jan 31, 2018.

Remember when people used to write posts about their thoughts about the team? Sigh. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Taco Tuesday Gratitude


Ah tacos, how I missed you! So grateful I have my taste buds back. So grateful I can handle some spice and cheese again.

What are you grateful for?

Saturday, November 12, 2022

WTFJITH! (Otherwise known as Saturday Night Spanish Guitar)


Another Saturday, another WTFJITH.

My gal Pat Benatar finally was put in the R&R HOF last weekend and while trying to find footage, I ran across this gem. Now my life goal is to sing with my idol.

What have you got?