Sunday, July 31, 2016

2016 Game 105 - Jays vs Os

Ah, it's so nice to be back where we belong!

After today, we don't see the shitbirds here again until the final week of the season. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Tillman vs Sanchez. Time to take Tillman out of the Cy discussion. Remember, at the core he still sucks.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Party weekend!

Every weekend is an open thread to shoot the shit. There will be a challenge each week but don't feel confined by it.

2016 Game 104 - Jays vs Os

Time for a pounding, shitbirds!

Gallardo vs Happ. Gallardo, we've pounded you before and we're going to do it again.

Friday, July 29, 2016

2016 Game 103 - Jays vs Os

Ah, the series we've been waiting for. Welcome back, shitbirds! Prepare to be destroyed.

Gausman vs Estrada. Kick butt, Marco!

Sophie Kurys - all time steals leader

I'm all verklempt about my girl being nominated last night. Have been waiting way too long to see a major party nominate a woman for president, and with it being a woman I've long admired and see myself in, it's all the sweeter.

So in honour of that historical accomplishment, here's another ground-breaking woman, Sophie Kurys, the "Flint Flash".

Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Great Sanchez Quandary

What to do, what to do?  The debate has raged for weeks now.  Aaron Sanchez--continue using him as a true star, near-ace starter.  Aaron Sanchez--move him back to shutdown 8th inning setup man.  The debate seems to have focused some on innings pitched and concern about a jump with the arm at this young stage. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Game 102 - Jays vs Padres

Bye Padres! It's been a slice. See you in 3 years. Hope you're enjoying Camp Day!

Perdomo vs Dickey (a last minute change). May the heat be with you, RA. I've got family there so win for them!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

2016 Game 101 - Jays vs Padres

So, that's been quite a day, huh? Welcome Mr Upton to the Jays. May you do to other teams what you so often did to us.

Cashner vs Stroman. Cashner is due a huge ass-kicking. Make it so!

Guide to the Padres Blogosphere

For a team that's been in the doldrums for a long time, there's a lot of Padres blogs! Check out these ones.

Monday, July 25, 2016

2016 Game 100 - Jays vs Padres

Really wish this series was happening at PETCO. Love that place. Welcome to Toronto, Padres!

Rea vs Sanchez. Stay strong and kick butt, Sanchy!

Players as Star Wars characters

I'll have a more substantial post about Star Wars Night in Buffalo tomorrow but we need to have some fun on a Monday. So here's your favourite (and a couple not so favourite) players translated to Star Wars characters according to your Buffalo Bisons:

Love that they gave Pompey Jar Jar!


Not sure if this is a great match.

Love this choice! I think it really fits.

Many people will disagree with this choice. I want to point out that this is Wicket Warrick. Watch the film again. He's a total bad-ass. And a bit prickly. Much like our feared leader.

There were a few old friends on the opposition:

My friends weren't sold on Infante as the Emperor. But come on. He was part of that bullshit RC team that won last year. I think that qualifies.

Kottaras as Boba Fett? I can buy it.

This? This is absolutely perfect. Fuck you, Bone-Face!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

2016 Game 99 - Jays vs Mariners

Bye Seattle. It's been a slice. Next time we see you it will be the Canadian invasion.

Happ vs Miley. JA, may you have a game where a line drive does not come screaming back at you. That shit is scary, ok?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Party weekend!

Every weekend is an open thread to shoot the shit. There will be a challenge each week but don't feel confined by it.

2016 Game 98 - Jays vs Mariners

Having fun yet, Seattle?

Dickey vs Iwakuma. May the good Dickey continue on this disgustingly hot day.

Friday, July 22, 2016

2016 Game 97 - Jays vs Mariners

Welcome back Adam Lind! Prepare to get your ass kicked.

Estrada vs Paxton. The return of Marco. So Mr Paxton, regretting not signing with the Jays yet?

Getting Rogered

*The following was posted in the comments section of a prior post. It created a great deal of dialogue so It has been suggested that I create a new post so it can properly be rebutted. I've added a few pictures and a paragraph at the end but the rest of it remains as it was.

I've been following the Jays for 25 years passionately, positively, happily.
Been around the Stoeten blog and now here for maybe a combined 6 years.
In that time I know I have most often been an extremely positive fan.
I'm going to say my peace and then let it lay here.
Because you are good/positive people you will refute it and I'm glad you will.
I will not offer any rebuttals. Bottom line is I love this community and I don't want my displeasure with the management of it to affect anyone else.
So I'll get it out, get it off the chest and then leave.
This ownership is a disgrace.
The Jays don't win because of their ownership, they win despite it.
Mostly due to an innovative GM who no longer is employed here.
An ideal owner is a passionate fan who wants a winner and to make a few bucks. See Mike Illitch, Mark Cuban ... etc..
Rogers is a large soul sucking, publicly traded, bottom line watching, find a large Return on Investment company.
They had arguably the best General Manager in baseball. A man who despite having the disadvantages of trying to lure ANYONE to Canada to play on concrete, to play baseball, still managed to put a playoff team together.
Our first in 23 years.

So we low ball him with a one year deal.
He walks.
Good for him.
There's an argument over the "price" paid on one of our the best moves in 2016 from the new guy. That's funny stuff.
Get a Cy young star pitcher and hours later tear the guy who pulled it off a new asshole.
Quality stuff.
You can argue about prospect capital but have a look at our return for one of the greatest pitchers in the game -- Roy Halladay.
All those can't miss guys are plying their trade in the minors, or are backups at best.
Prospects, even the most high end are volatile, so for me the trade was extremely defendable but Shapiro still lost his mind.
So new guy comes in and has his new ideas. Fair enough.
He's the new President.
But he hires a GM who has to come and clear every move with him.
A GM with no experience.
A GM who's a close buddy.
Yeah that doesn't reek of a corporation puppet. (sarcasm font)
There are reasons that these jobs are distinctly separate within teams.
New guy swings an axe through ballpark passes, Gibby's rolling contract, grass and anything that doesn't create revenue.
Hey, we have a monopoly here, lets take advantage of it.

"I am smiling Barry, just take the damn picture"
Lets move on to Smoak.
In a vacuum I guess it's fine. Resign the 39th best first basemen in baseball for 2 years.
A position that you could get any number of Triple-A guys to do better or at worst, put up the same 0.0 WAR for the league minimum of $507,500. But let's throw 4 and half mill at him for the next 2. Lock up a roster spot for 2 years.
The one position that is the easiest to replace and should put up the most offensive production.
The one position where a couple of aging offensive stars can hide who are in their walk years.
If we were a team with an owner that wasn't a publicly traded, that isn't constantly looking for a larger ROI then I could believe that he was signed to be what he is. A bench guy with some pop.
But to me this looks like a move to fill a spot they know that will have no competition come November.
Rogers investors don't give a fuck about a flapping flag hanging in a concrete mausoleum.
They want their shares to make them money.
So they hire an Ivy leaguer and say "find the sweet spot".
That place where you can keep just enough fan interest to get the stadium partially filled, a decent viewership without spending too much of our profits.
Nothing that Rogers or Shapiro has done is a smoking gun. Not the Smoak deal, not the horrible TV deal for the team, not the disguising of revenue, not the low-balling of Alex, not the addition of a business first president, not the purchase of the park for 25 mill, not the axing of the grass project, not the axing of Gibby's security, not the breaking off of contract talks with two of the best hitters in the game and certainly not Smoaks 8 million.
But together, to me, a fan who's been through the rhetoric it all signals that the Jays need to win despite their management, they won't win because of it.
As I said above this is all my opinion, I'm only stating it because of the challenge of MK.
I honestly don't wish to come across negatively but I don't believe in this ownership or management so I'm stating my beliefs.
I hope all of you are right and I am wrong.
I'll gladly eat shit if I am wrong like I did on Happ.
Mine may be an unpopular opinion but from seeing what kind of interest, viewership and attendance that this team has generated while management still claims they are financially handcuffed? I felt compelled to share my views. Take these words for what they are worth as I will be the first to admit I am not skilled enough to negotiate through the corporate numbers and jargon that Rogers makes available. So do your worst in the comments below. I have thick skin. And again, love the Jays, love the fans, and really enjoy this community.
Here's a picture of me taking on Rogers:

It's a metaphor.
But that actually happened.

In the End,
I like You,
Just want Bush Party number Two.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

#TBT John Mayberry

I loved Mayberry while he was a Jay. He was on the downswing by then but he was the first legitimate power hitter the team had. It was fun watching his towering shots leave Exhibition Stadium. He was a great player for a kid to see.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Game 96 - Jays vs Diamondbacks

Thanks God after today we're outta here!

Stroman vs Corbin. Be good again, Stro. Plearse. For my sanity around here. I can't take another bitch session.

Dollars & Sense -- Furiously Roster-bating Our Way To a Reasonable 2017 Blue Jays Payroll

The shit storm of sentiment - on both sides of the coin - touched off by the Justin Smoak extension this weekend provided us with a timely opportunity to think through what a reasonable roster and payroll for the Blue Jays could look like in 2017. I use the term "reasonable" because while none of us knows for certain where Rogers will set the budget, a quick look at the Cot's data shows us that in the 2014-16 period the payroll has averaged US$134m, and given all of the positives that have emerged during 2016 (attendance, TV ratings, bounce in the CAD from ~US$0.68 in Jan to ~US$0.77 today) I think assuming a payroll floor of US$140m for next season is a rationale enough guess-timate for the time being.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

2016 Game 95 - Jays vs Diamondbacks

We have to face these guys again? We can't get a trip to PETCO but we're stuck in Arizona?

Sanchez vs Godley. Kick some ass, Sanchey!

The ongoing negativity of the Jays fan

See this? It's the negativity suckhole.

Seriously people? Signing Justin Smoak to a reasonable contract for 2 more years means the sky is falling? Time to give up on the season and trade everyone? WTF?

What drugs are you smoking? (Pun intended.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Adding Jose Bautista to the mix

How do the Blue Jays make an even potent line-up better? Add a perennial all-star to the mix. Despite apparently being on the trade block in the Sportsnet media circles, I feel pretty safe in saying that adding Jose Bautista will be the biggest deadline acquisition the Blue Jays make to their line-up. His half season left on his contract - plus potential QO pick if he signs elsewhere - is more valuable to the Jays than anything they could get in a trade. Let's explore some potential options for the line-up, including the one and only Bat Flipper himself.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

2016 Game 94 - Jays vs A's

It's been a slice, Oakland. See you next year!

It's Happ vs Hill. Which H will prevail? I know which one I'm rooting for.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Party Weekend!

Every weekend is an open thread to shoot the shit. There will be a challenge each week but don't feel confined by it.

2016 Game 93 - Jays vs A's

Let's forget last night happened, ok?

It's Dickey vs Sonny Gray. Let's hope Gray continues to suck.

Friday, July 15, 2016

2016 Game 92 - Jays vs A's

Baseball's back!

Stroman vs Mengden. Go good Stro!

Intro to the JITH All-Time Jays Tournament

A couple months ago, I pitched the idea of a "Favourite All-Time Jays" type tournament to MK. She was receptive and seemed to like the idea, and we were ready to go. Then... I did nothing. I ignored it for a while, thought about it here and there, researched now and then, and continued to not write anything down.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

For The Love Of The Game

For the last couple weeks, this post has been swirling around in my head. Combined with current events (both sporting and otherwise), my own adventures in parenting and my son's first experience playing baseball, and my own experience here on this blog and the community that has followed DJF. The things that take a huge disparate group of people, who on paper have nothing in common, and bring them together, screaming at televisions and frightening the kids on the porch.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Second annual DJF pop-schlock vid-off

The first annual started last year back at AS the night after the all-star game.

(I highly recommend skimming through the original thread. Noopi predicted the deadline trades and Andrew was talking about how to make the comments a better place, which led to Noop becoming mod after writing a passionate defense of our community.)

I want to make this a tradition, so here we go.

MLB Power Rankings - First Half Edition

Is this all-star break over yet?? It's only been a few days and it already seems like an eternity...

This pretty much sums up the Jays first half:

Lots of ups and downs. But now things are up, way up. has our boys at #5 overall, behind the big 3 NL teams (Giants, Cubs, Nationals) and just below the shocking Clevelanders:

Other major publications (ESPN, TheScore, CBSSports) have the Jays around 6-8th, which with their current record seems fair enough (behind Baltimore and Texas), citing the health of Estrada and Bautista as areas of concern. But no team is hotter than our Blue Jays right now.

Warren alerted me last week to's rankings, which use the Elo rating system, which is explained rather simply here: 

It's a beauty site and the rankings make the Jays look like world beaters:

9% chance to win the World Series? So you're telling me there's a chance?

Yer damn right there's a chance. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 All-Star Game

Come on! It'll be fun. Here's the place to talk about it.

If you're here for the first time, welcome! Please refer to the commenting guidelines and community information to find out about this place.

Cool blogs

While surfing the web for the blogosphere posts I ran across a bunch that were not team specific. They are here for your reading pleasure.

Monday, July 11, 2016

2016 Home Run Derby

You all know you love it! Here's the place to talk about it.

If you're here for the first time, welcome! Please refer to the commenting guidelines and community information to find out about this place.

Why the Jays Need to Add

Your lovable Toronna Blue Jays are two games out of first place and they just won 8 of their last 10.
Last year widely regarded as one of their best in two decades saw the Jays at one time sitting 50 and 51. Your Boys are currently sitting at 51 and 40. Get the fuck out of your seats and start clapping.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

2016 Game 91 - Jays vs Tigers

Here it is folks! Last game before the all-star break. And the last time we see the Tigers this year. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Sanchez vs Dickey. Sanchez be good hittin'

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Party weekend

Every weekend is an open thread to shoot the shit. There will be a challenge each week but don't feel confined by it.

2016 Game 90 - Jays vs Tigers

Tiger smackdown in progress. Please continue.

Boyd vs Sanchez. Lets welcome Boyd home in style, shall we?