Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The ongoing negativity of the Jays fan

See this? It's the negativity suckhole.

Seriously people? Signing Justin Smoak to a reasonable contract for 2 more years means the sky is falling? Time to give up on the season and trade everyone? WTF?

What drugs are you smoking? (Pun intended.)

This is a damn good team. One that will get even better as people get off the DL and get here. You don't think the return of Bautista won't be a shot in the arm that a trade will give you?

All the hand-wringing about Stroman and Sanchez yet we have good pitching options down the stretch. Chavez is good for 150 innings - there's no reason not to ramp him up while dialing Sanchez down. Give the dude clean innings and we're good to go. Floyd could return in September, providing the boost Stroman did last year. Morales will be ready soon. Matt Dermody is rocketing through the system. Danny Barnes is showing improvement. Chris Leroux is good for spot starts if you're not a fan of Hutchinson.

The Bisons have a solid group of journeymen players that can fill in should more injuries happen. Considering the major hits to the system at last year's deadline, the front office have done an admirable job adding in depth.

Yet one signing, a hedge against the large group of players entering free agency at the end of the year, is seen as a signal that the team is not willing to explore resigning players, that they're done being competitive, that we should all resign ourselves for more mediocrity?

Seriously people?

Yes, most people here lived through the Riccardi era. But none of the players who were part of that are still here. Godfrey is gone. The top Rogers brass has turned over. With the rise of DVRs and streaming, advertisers are desperate for eyeballs and sports events have proven the most effective way of delivering them  Knowing this, Rogers spent a shit-ton of money on hockey. There is no evidence that slashing payroll is even being considered. 

So why do I still have to listen to that narrative? What does that accomplish? It certainly doesn't enhance the community experience. Do you really want to be that negative suckhole? What's in it for you, exactly? 

Because I'm fuckin' sick of it.