Wednesday, July 13, 2016

MLB Power Rankings - First Half Edition

Is this all-star break over yet?? It's only been a few days and it already seems like an eternity...

This pretty much sums up the Jays first half:

Lots of ups and downs. But now things are up, way up. has our boys at #5 overall, behind the big 3 NL teams (Giants, Cubs, Nationals) and just below the shocking Clevelanders:

Other major publications (ESPN, TheScore, CBSSports) have the Jays around 6-8th, which with their current record seems fair enough (behind Baltimore and Texas), citing the health of Estrada and Bautista as areas of concern. But no team is hotter than our Blue Jays right now.

Warren alerted me last week to's rankings, which use the Elo rating system, which is explained rather simply here: 

It's a beauty site and the rankings make the Jays look like world beaters:

9% chance to win the World Series? So you're telling me there's a chance?

Yer damn right there's a chance.