Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Guide to the Kansas City Royals blogosphere

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Praise hallelujah! I got home before 3am tonight so I could finally finish this post.

I found a few blogs that showed promise as independent blogs but none of them had updated past middle of June (guessing the thrill is gone?) so I discounted them. Here's the best of the rest.

Royals Review

The SB Nation blog. As we've come to expect, a good sense of humour. For some reason they have a category for odds. Maybe because they see themselves as a statistical-minded community? Screw monkeys or octopuses, they have a Rally Zoo. The thing that most struck me though is that they have created a users guide that is so comprehensive NASA would be impressed.

Kings of Kaufman

This is the Fansided blog. Unlike most FS blogs, this one was considered the top dog before they joined the network. The network template gives them sections for analysis and rumours. They have a podcast. Bonus points for the best blog name of the bunch and for using disqus.

(ed note: weren't we saying the same about Stroman?)

Royals Blue

Ever heard of the Fox Sports Engage Network? This belongs to that. Hasn't been updated for a few days but it's doing better than the other blogs I ran across. They're mainly here because of their podcast. It did start with one guy with a dream.

Recent cool title: Hawt take galore courtesy of Royals Facebook