Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Second annual DJF pop-schlock vid-off

The first annual started last year back at AS the night after the all-star game.

(I highly recommend skimming through the original thread. Noopi predicted the deadline trades and Andrew was talking about how to make the comments a better place, which led to Noop becoming mod after writing a passionate defense of our community.)

I want to make this a tradition, so here we go.

It started after a music discussion, a number guessing game, relieving a classic Monty Python moment, discussing what we do for a living. Nothing much. :)

Joe (posting with another handle) posted the above video, I answered with The Monks and we were off to the races. He also coined the title above. Wolf, Noopi, and Joe Cool (who I hope to tempt back for this thread) jumped in. Tom came by later and it morphed from a series of one-upmanship to music education. As I put it then: no baseball and the old fogeys take over the place.

It's the basis for the music posting nights we have now. I want to honour that. So have at it. Again, a reminded that the best way to navigate the thread is to click next to your name and select Hide Media. You'll still be able to click on any vid you'd like to watch and it won't slow it down to a halt.

Fun fact: After it was over, I got into a discussion with Wolf and Joe  about how much fun it was and we needed to do it on a regular basis. Wolf said I should start a blog. When I deumured, Wolf suggested an after-hours music appreciation thread. Joe then suggested we call it "Andrew Stoeten's After Dark".

And here we are. :)