Monday, July 25, 2016

Players as Star Wars characters

I'll have a more substantial post about Star Wars Night in Buffalo tomorrow but we need to have some fun on a Monday. So here's your favourite (and a couple not so favourite) players translated to Star Wars characters according to your Buffalo Bisons:

Love that they gave Pompey Jar Jar!


Not sure if this is a great match.

Love this choice! I think it really fits.

Many people will disagree with this choice. I want to point out that this is Wicket Warrick. Watch the film again. He's a total bad-ass. And a bit prickly. Much like our feared leader.

There were a few old friends on the opposition:

My friends weren't sold on Infante as the Emperor. But come on. He was part of that bullshit RC team that won last year. I think that qualifies.

Kottaras as Boba Fett? I can buy it.

This? This is absolutely perfect. Fuck you, Bone-Face!