Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cool blogs

While surfing the web for the blogosphere posts I ran across a bunch that were not team specific. They are here for your reading pleasure.

Beer Baseball Blog

A new blog devoted to craft beer and baseball.

Dutch Baseball Hangout

The place to go for all your honkbal needs.

The Rainout Blog

It's about weather messing up sports. Really.

The Baseballsphere Blog

An overall glimpse on baseball, sometimes with a heavy focus on math.

Blog About a Dog

In search of the best ballpark dog.

Flip Flop Fly Ball

A friend of the original DJF (he was a regular contributor to the Getting Blanked blog at The Score), this Englishman who lives in Mexico became famous for his baseball infographics. 

Fire Joe Morgan

This one is for the young 'uns. This blog was shuttered in 2008 but was the best, funniest blog around. Their tagline - Where Bad Sports Journalism Came To Die - says it all.