Monday, November 13, 2023

Most memorable game that had nothing to do with the game

Photo by Mike Bowman on Unsplash

Going back through ye olde drafts and found this: 

Stealing the idea from this post. What is yours?

For me, it's now the game I went to at the beginning of the year where I got a chance to thank Jamie for talking to my dad during the pandemic. That meant a lot.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

The heart and soul of the Toronto Blue Jays is missing!


Something has been wrong with the Toronto Blue Jays ball club all year.  We have endlessly debated the underlying reasons and tried to come up with the ultimate answer.  Some suggest the hitting coach is at fault while others believe the overly large and complex hitting "department" confuses the hitters with too much data.

Some say Schneider has been a poor field manager.  Others have had enough of Shapiro and Atkins, who have had no playoff success in their 8 year run with the club.  There are those who argue that the stadium renovations didn't work as intended and have sapped the home run power from the club. 


When the Blue Jays parted ways with legendary broadcaster Pat Tabler (Tabby!), they lost their heart, their very soul!  Many didn't initially realize that this was the main problem facing the club and may even have applauded the decision makers for moving Tabby along.  However, they felt it deep down and knew, in their heart of hearts, that it just wasn't the same and nothing would ever feel right again.  Sitting down to watch a nice afternoon of baseball requires the voice of Blue Jays baseball - Pat Tabler!!

Tabby has always been a "treemendous" broadcaster with schtrong skills at calling the game.  He understands the nuances of the game of baseball in a way that nobody else does.  I feel deep pain at the loss of Tabby's presence, his calls, and the lack of heart that pervades the club now that he is gone.

I hereby and officially call for Tabby to be reinstated to his position without further delay, at a higher salary, on a lengthy term.  Should the club elect not to follow my suggestion on this matter, I will never again watch Blue Jays baseball, nor will I listen to or stream it....or be involved in any way again.