Friday, November 17, 2023

Transaction Friday - Non-Tender Day

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Today is non-tender day. The Jays could save some cash and open 3 roster spots! All they need to do is non-tender Espinal, Cimber and Richards

Cimber is projected to make $3.2MM
Espinal is projected to make $2.5MM
Richards is projected to make 

While this is pocket change for the club, I think the roster spots are more important. You could pick up a young infielder or relief arm in the rule 5 or even protect one of your own, that would probably provide more value than Espinal or Cimber. Richards is also not very good but maybe they keep him because they love him.

Ideally the Jays are looking for a trade in the next few hours but I dont think any of the above guys have much surplus value.