Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Game 80! Toronto Birds (37-42) at Houston Stars (53-28)

Wednesday June 27, 2018 | 2:10 pm ET
Minute Maid Park | Houston, Texas
Marco (Polo) Estrada vs. Dallas (Texas..wait they are playing in Texas) Keuchel. 

Preamble: Jays need to play better than yesterday if they want to win a game of baseball.

Of Note: To show just how bad the Jays have been this year and just how good the Astros have been.... In today's lineups the Astros have 6! players hitting for a higher average than the Jays best hitter (Toescar, .263) and the Jays have 3 batters hitting lower than the Astro's worst batter (Marwin Gonzales, .238) (actually the Jays also have 4 more batters within .004 of their worst batter lets make it an even 7 players worse than their worst!)


This is your game thread "I really have to get back to work" edition.