Friday, June 29, 2018

#81 - Detroit Tigers (36-46) at Toronto Blue Jays (37-43)

Friday, June 29, 2018 | 7:07 pm
Rogers Sauna | Toronto, ON
Francisco Liriano (3-3, 3.94, 1.25 whip) vs. Marcus Stroman (0-5, 6.80, 1.68 whip)


Today's game marks the midway point of the season. You mean we are only halfway through this interminable season?  Oy.

After a tough road trip where the Jays did well enough to go 3-4 against teams well ahead in the standings (*grumbles that it ought to be 4-3 except for a Tepera meatball*), the Jays return home for a four-game set against the Detroit Tigers.


A hearty congrats to Ray for a hugely successful first post yesterday!

Apparently there's a new member of the Jays, this is completely new info to me...

This was necessitated by the trade of Steve Pearce to Boston for a prospect by the name of Santiago Espinal.  Doesn't really move the needle for me at all.

An old buddy is on the mound for the Tigers tonight - Francisco Liriano.  Hey, has anyone taken the time to say "thanks" for Teoscar?

Things are a bit turbulent with the Tigers lately.  Pitching coach Chris Bosio was fired over what he termed a misunderstanding over the use of the term "spider monkey," claiming he was referring to a Tigers pitcher and not a clubhouse guy.  It sounds like he'll sue for wrongful termination.
The Chris Bosio Saga

Apparently the Gardy Gnome made the trip out east with the team.  Does it have a passport of its own?


Ok here's the Jays' lineup...

This is your "Marcus Stroman finally gets a win" game thread.  Oh yeah....