Monday, June 17, 2019

#72 - Los Angeles Angelic Trouts of Anaheim (35-37) vs. Toronto Blue Jays (26-45)

Monday, June 17, 2019 | 7:07 pm
Rogers Centre | Raptortown, ON

Luis Garcia (1-1, 4.74) vs. Edwin Jackson (1-4, 10.22)


The Blue Jays arrive home from a 6-game road trip, right smack into the middle of a berserk day in downtown Toronto.  Hopefully the incredible energy being created outdoors navigate right into the bats of the Jays hitters (hint: Vlad needs to start burnishing his ROY creds and Smoakey needs to up his trade worth pronto).

Edwin Jackson gets the start for the Jays, though I don't know why Charlie wouldn't use a starter again just to give LaStella and Trout one fewer look at prime rib nom noms being hurled by EJax.  Luis Garcia is opening for the Angels, who will go to Felix Pena when Garcia is done with his 1 or 2 frames.

EDITED: it now appears that Derek Law will open for EJax, a formula that worked well last time out.  Mr. Law, have you met Mr. Trout?  (Leaving the pitchers listed as is, just in case)


I hope the Blue Jays players watched the whole parade to whet their appetites, and the front office did so as well to see the incredible passion Toronto fans have (as one of our posters astutely put it in the previous thread). Open up the pocketbooks, Rogers. Doooo it.

As I type this, there appears to have been a shooting at Nathan Phillips Square during the Raptors celebration.  Dumb idiot.  I hope everyone is safe.

On the phone so a link is what you get for now:
Mike Trout is looking forward to Toronto!