Sunday, September 23, 2018

no.156 - Tampa Bay Rays (86-68) at Toronto Blue Jays (71-84)

The death knell is sounding for your playoff chances, Rays.  Love, Blue Jays.

Sunday, September 23, 2018 | 1:07 pm
Rogers Centre of Horrors | Toronto, ON

Blake Snell (20-5, 1.97, 0.97) vs. Ryan Borucki (4-4, 3.86, 1.33)


After winning game three of the series last night, the Blue Jays look to secure a series win and regain some pride after taking a beating from the Rays most of the season.  They've got a tough matchup on the mound, though, as they'll be facing the hottest pitcher in all of baseball who has both the wins/ERA (outdated stat models) and the WHIP/ERA+ (newfangled stat models) that makes you sit up and take notice.

Facing Cy Young, it's Ryan Borucki that takes the ball for the Jays as he looks to continue a better-than-expected rookie campaign and audition for a permanent role in the 2019 rotation.


The real playoffs has gone right down to the wire.  I refer, of course, to the JITH fantasy league where Player To Be Named Later and Mule or ... Astro-mule? are deadlocked at 7-7 going into the final day of the season.  Post your pick who you think will win between PTBNL and Mule!  (Tough decision, but I'm going to say... Mule)

A good article from Jeff Blair of Sportsnet on Russell Martin and his breakdown of this season and outlook for next year: What Blue Jays can expect from Russell Martin's final year

I like to think that we won the Osuna trade in a big way - not just the removal of a potential clubhouse headache, but we also got a bona fide closer in Ken Giles as well as potentially useful pieces in David Paulino and Hector Perez.  There's this:


This is your game thread, deal with it.  (heyo!)