Friday, April 13, 2018

What is your twitter handle?

brentinkorea suggested a post where we can all find each other's twitter handles. I'll update this post as ya'll pass your handles along so it will be easy reference later.

I'm at the official JITH twitter @jaysinthehouse
Mule is @MuleorAstromule
RADAR is @RADAR (expecting something different?)
Fowl is @HouseofLais
Ray is @Beaches_Streets
Steve-O is @freerange_steve
Karen is @mutable_me
Earl is @tonious35
Tom W is @TomWilliams111
justinjam is @justinjamieson
man in the suit is @bluejayhunt (he swears he never uses it though)
it's all over! is @sedin26
Tina is @tpoole00
JM is @jmarkgraham