Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Game # 23: Boston Red Socks (17-5) @ Toronto Blue Jays (14-8)

Wednesday 25 April 2018
7:07PM EDT / Rogers Centre  / Toronto. Ontario
Eduardo Rodriguez (LHP 2-0 3.45 20K 1.28 ) v. Aaron Sanchez (RHP 1-2 3.86 15K 1.44)

PRE-AMBLE: Tonight is a busy night in Toronto sports land. At 7:00 the Leafs are in action for game 7 of the first round of the NHL playoffs in Boston, hoping to advance past the first round for the first time since 2013 . At the same time the Raptors will host the Wizards at the ACC, trying not to choke for the 5th year in a row. Toronto FC is also playing tonight against Chivas in the CONCACAF Cup. I am not sure what that means, but I hear it is kind of a big deal. That game is on at 9:30. And of course just down the street at the Skydome, the Jays will host the Red Sox, looking to win another series and inch closer to first place. If you are going to the game tonight, expect to be the only person in attendance, and also to be weary of traffic as Maple Leaf square will be closed for a "joint tailgating party" as seen in the tweet below. Real disrespectful that there is no mention of the superior Toronto team, The Blue Jays. (I know all the other teams are owned by MLSE and the Jays arent)

OF NOTE: Aaron Sancherson will take the mount tonight for the Jays. He has looked pretty good so far this season but there is some concern over his diminished velocity. Osuna threw over 30 pitches yesterday and blew a save so I would think he is unavailable tonight. Yesterday the Jays only managed 4 hits off of Porcello and Chris Sale pitches tomorrow for the Red Socks. For these reasons and many more, lets score a shit load of runs tonight and beat these bean-eaters!

Also some tidbits from Shi....

Key Match-up!
Rodriguez vs. Morsel

1. They both have weird facial hair
2. Morsel has something to prove or he will be DFAed
3. Morsel has faced Rodriguez 16 times and is hitting .313 with a HR and 3 RBI in his career.

Boston Red Socks
RF Betts 
LF Benintendi
1B Ramirez
DH Martinez
3B Devers
2B Nunez
CF Bradley Jr.
C   Vasquez
SS Holt

Toronto Blue Jays
RF Pearce
LF Hernandez 
1B Smoak 
3B Solarte
DH Morales

C   Martin 
CF Pillar 
2B Gurriel Jr. 
SS Diaz 

For some reason the Jays twitter just posted this:
and this was the first thing I thought of as well:  

This is your GAME THREAD: "Toronto Maple Blue Raptors FC" Edition.