Saturday, August 4, 2018

no. 110 2018: Blue Jays (50-59) @ Mariners (63-47)

Saturday, August 4, 10:10 PM ET , Safeco Field
Marco Estrada (RHP 4-8  4.90 ERA  93.2 IP  70K  1.35 WHIP)
vs James Paxton (LHP 9-4  3.49 ERA  126.1 IP  163K 1.05 WHIP)


We all remember what happened the last time we faced Paxton. Don't do it again.

Never forget, we drafted him first. He's the one who rejected us.


Boruki finally got a win. About damn time he got some offence.

Sighting of long-lost Aussie hurler:


Mariners too busy crowing about what happened last time when Paxton faced us to post a lineup, so fuck 'em.

This is your GAME THREAD: "Maple Syrup" Edition.

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