Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Game #127 - Baltimore Orioles (37-89) at Toronto Blue Jays (57-69)

Baltimore Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays: 

Game 3

Wednesday, August 22nd, 12:37pm EST.  Toronto, Ontario

The Magic Number 90.

If an MLB team can win 90 games, it usually means that they are legitimately clinching a Wildcard spot, or in a moderately competitive division (cross out AL Central), near clinching-it during the final week of the season.  

Okay, most of the time around 87-89 games you clinch a Wildcard

Take a look at these previous teams at 90 wins or over:

**2015 was SEXAYYY... 

When you lose over 90, you're pretty damn sure you should book your golfing or fishing trips one month before season's end already....

 How about we book a fishing trip for 'ol Bucky?


Pitching Matchup:

Orioles: David Hess (2-7 5.95 ERA)  vs. Blue Jays: Thomas Pannone (0-0, 4.15 ERA)



1. Mullins, C. CF
2. Villar J. 2B
3. Mancini T. DH
4. Jones A. RF 
5. Beckham T. SS
6. Gentry C. 3B
7. Nunez R. SS
8. Andreoli J. LF
9. Wynns, A. C

Blue Jays

1. McKinney BRF
2. Travis D. 2B
3. Smoak J. 1B
4. Morales K. DH 
5. Grichuk R. CF
6. Martin R. 3B
7. Hernandez T. LF
8. Jansen D. C
9. Urena R. SS 

It's your first start TOMMY BOY!  If Marco can last four years in the AL EAST and pitch two damn good Post Seasons with a fastball never going over 90 MPH, you can do it too!

I'm sure his only bout with DHCMT (Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone) will happen once, but hey, it's better than getting caught in the MLB with a doses of ADDERALL **COUGH COUGH CHRIS DAVIS**

Bonus video:

The Balls on these Small Balls: