Saturday, August 25, 2018

Game #129 - Philadelphia Phillies (69-59) at Toronto Blue Jays (59-69)

Philadelphia Phillies @ Toronto Blue Jays: 

Game 2

Saturday, August 25th, 4:07pm EST.  Toronto, Ontario

By my calculations....... The Jays need to go 30-0 to have a damn chance to be within possible Wild Card contention, not clinching or even guaranteed attaining one. 

The Oakland A's got a record (as of today) of 77-52 to HOLD the FINAL WILDCARD SPOT.  That's 25 games over freaking .500!

Also they must hope the A's don't mathematically eliminate them too by the final week.

That's a mighty desperation climb up a mountain right now....

Well, just bite on one game at a time and stay tuned on the players that are not lazy to stay on the field.


Pitching Match-up:

Phillies: Nick "Hail from BC" Pivetta (7-10 3.25 ERA)  vs. Blue Jays: Aaron "Took you long enough" Sanchez (3-5, 4.52 ERA)



1.  Hernandez, C. 2B
2.  Hoskins, R. LF
3.  Williams, N. RF
4.  Santana, C.1B
5.  Cabrera, A.SS
6.  Franco, M. 3B
7.  Herrera, O. CF
8.  Alfraro, J. LF
9.  Quinn, R. RF

Blue Jays

1. McKinney BRF
2. Travis, D. 2B
3. Smoak, J. 1B
4. Morales, K. DH 
5. Pillar, K. CF
6. Gurriel, L. SS
7. Jansen, D. C
8. Hernandez, T. LF  (At this point of the season, I AM NOT ENTHUSED HERE)
9. Diaz, A. 3B

Sanchez, you can either do this: Pitch well & impress us, or get another injury and force the nicest Dad and Daughter couple of Gibby and Nikki to visit you on the mound,

Enjoy your weekends everyone!