Friday, August 3, 2018

#109 - Toronto Blue Jays (49-59) at Seattle Mariners (63-46)

A display at the Szimpla Kert ruin pub in Budapest. 
What?  It's baseball-related because clearly that mannequin represents the red-hot naked passion of a Blue Jays fan who travels to other ballparks, no?   Yes, I say so.  Because.  Go ahead and tell Mom.

Friday, August 3, 2018 | 10:10 pm ET (or Sat. Aug. 4, 4:10 am GMT+2)
Safeco Field | Seattle, Washington
Ryan Borucki (0-2, 2.83, 1.43) vs. Marco Gonzales (12-5, 3.37, 1.16)


Hidey-ho folks... it's been a while!  The Blue Jays are coming off a stirring 7-3 win to reward some schmo literally picked off the street, Mike Whathisname, with a win.

Meanwhile, Ryan Borucki is saying, what the fuck... Mike Johnnycomelately gets a bloody win while I pitch my ass off and get nothing for it?  Four runs of support in five of my six starts while I'm in the game, and this chump got all these runs?  Yeah yeah yeah, #winzzmeansnothing, but he deserves far better than 0-2 in his six starts so far.

Borucki makes his seventh major-league start tonight while going up against Marco Gonzales (thank god - at first, I thought it was one of the umpteen Miguel Gonzalezes littered around the majors).  Both are facing their opponents for the first time, so it'll be an interesting wild card to see how they do tonight.  Gonzales leads the M's in wins while Borucki is the de facto Jays ace, even with a 0-2 record.  Hopefully Borucki can go 7 at least to save the bullpen - the Jays were very fortunate that Mike KidHouse was able to go 6 innings.  Seriously, I'm having trouble recalling his surname even now.  Please, child.  I can't be expected to keep up with obscure news while overseas.


More baseball-related pics, you say?  Here's one - clearly the traveling gnome on a swing represents Blue Jays fans who travels to opponent ballparks hoping to see the Jays swing some bats, amiright?

Yes, the Szimpla Kert ruin pub has a lot of fun, crazy shit going on in there.

Disagree that it's baseball related?  Fine.  Take it up with the pols in the Parliament:

The Hungarian Parliament

Okay Blue Jays... you know what to do!  You won game 1, so time to lock up at least a split in the series, mmkay?


Blue Jays:  Bunch of Bums
Mariners:  Some okay guys including Nelson Cruz

This is your "I expect to wake up to a Jays lead" game thread.