Monday, August 20, 2018

Game #125 - Baltimore Orioles (37-87) at Toronto Blue Jays (55-69)

Baltimore Orioles @ Toronto Blue Jays

Game 1 
Monday, August 20th, 7:05 PM EDT Rogers Center, Toronto

The last weekend at Yankees Kiddie Park featured a rained out loss on a “nail-biter”. Then blown to absolute s$%t to a non-Judge Yanks lineup that has two rookies (Andujar and Torres).
They tore up Jays pitching like AAA minor league pitching. (wait, Borucki and Reid-Foley are not too far from AAA time-wise).

Add to it, Gibby found a time machine to yell at Pillar like it’s 2014 yesterday.

I feel you Gibby.

On to the task at hand!

Back home in the Rogers Center and curing the losing blues. We got an O’s team that won’t mind taking the entire 29 other MLB teams’ Ls.

If Shit-Birds is getting old, how about just calling the O’s: Bird Poo

Pitchers that Duel:

Orioles: Andrew Cashner (4-10 4.71 ERA  vs. Blue Jays: Marco Estrada (6-9, 4.87 ERA) **Hey, Marco, pitch so well that you get traded to a playoff team will ya?   I hate seeing you sit in October with that change-up on the shelf.



1. Mullins, C.
2. Villar, J.
3. Mancini, T. 
4. Jones, A.
5. Davis, C. ($$$..LOLOLOLOLOLOL..$$$)
6. Nunez, R.
7. Beckham, T.
8. Gentry, C.
9. Joseph, C.

Blue Jays

1. Granderson, C.
2. Pillar, K.
3. Smoak, J.
4. Morales, K.
5. Grichuk, R.
6. Martin, R.
7. Jansen, D. (HEART EMOJIS)
8. Diaz, A.
9. Urena, R.

Can we beat the Orioles badly that the Orioles end up losing the 2019 MLB lottery, then Jays grab up 2-3 spots somehow?