Tuesday, April 9, 2019

No. 11 - Blue Jays (3-8) vs Red Sux (3-8)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
2:05pm @ the pinball machine, Massholia
Matt Shoemaker RHP (2-0  14 IP 0.00 ERA 0.50 WHIP 15K) 
Chris Sale LHP (0-2 9IP 8.00 ERA 1.44 WHIP 5K)

2pm start on a Tuesday? There's 3, count 'em, 3 afternoon games in MLB today. WTF?

Who would have thought 10 days into the season the Jays and the Sux would have the same record? Yet here we are. Enjoy looking at those pitchers' lines. Neither one is going to remain where they are so lets enjoy the moment. Hopefully at the end of the season Cobbler's will still look pretty and Sale's will still look ghastly.

It's the Sux home opener, so we'll have to sit here and watch them get their rings and drone through 30 minutes of ceremonies before the game starts. Why is it we're always the opposition when teams get awarded their WS rings? And of course, they activated Rat-Face for this series. Greasy Clay is there too - he'll be making his first Jays start on Saturday.

However, it is a history-making day...

Jays News:

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Oh look! It's the return of the product placement lineup!

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Congrats Drew and Andrew!