Friday, April 26, 2019

#26 - Vlad Day - Oakland Athletics (14-13) at Toronto Blue Jays (11-14)

Friday, April 26, 2019 | 7:07 pm ET
Rogers Centre | Toronto, ON


The Toronto Blue Jays open a three-game series against the Oakland Athletics and ...

Oh, what the hell, you all know why you're here.  You didn't come in to read some boring shit about who's pitching for the Jays and about our opponent.

It's the Vladdening.  Vladdy Day.  The prodigy has arrived to make his major league debut.

Congrats, Mike Fiers.  You've won the sweepstakes for the right to potentially have your ass be Fiers-ed up by Vlad Jr. for his first hit.


First things first... Richard Urena has been optioned to Buffalo to make room for our large man-child coming in.

This section is going to be all about stories and tweets relating to Vlad Jr. with links attached.  If you don't like Vlad Jr., stop right now, turn in your Blue Jays fandom card and go straight to the lineups at the bottom.  This could take a while, so bear with me.

The Star - "Vlad to the Bone" (link)   (warning: Oakville's going to jizz at the mention of AA in there)

From and narrated by Joe Carter/written by Tom Verducci:  "Vlad Jr. is coming" (link)

Whew.  Let's go to the lineups, shall we?


This is your "the start of a significant era" game threat.