Tuesday, July 10, 2018

#90 - Toronto Blue Jays (41-48) at Atlanta Braves (50-39)

Not "The Ted"

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 | 7:35 pm
SunTrust Park | Cumberland, Georgia
Marcus Stroman (1-6, 6.50, 1.57) vs. Julio Teheran (6-6, 4.47, 1.24)


The Blue Jays roll into Atlanta for a quick two-game interleague series against the NL East-leading Braves.

In March, tonight's pitching matchup would have looked like a dandy with Stroman going up against Teheran.  Now?  Mehh.  Both are having a tough season so far.  Last year, these two faced off and Stroman smoked a dinger off Teheran en route to a 9-0 Jays win.  One of our own posters has predicted another HR for Stroman tonight.


This will be Marcus Stroman's 100th career start as a Blue Jay.  Let's find out where he ranks:
(...and no, Doc Halladay isn't on that list.  That 10.64 ERA in 2000 really wrecked his career ERA for a while, even though he didn't have a ERA north of 4.00 in his other seasons leading up to his 100th start)

In case you've forgotten what happened during last year's Stroman v. Teheran matchup, here it is again:

How stunning was it, Devo?

Get ready, Buffalo.  Vlad Jr. is on his way there as soon as he's ready to come off the DL - he'll likely get a rehab tuneup in Dunedin, but it appears that his days as a Fishercat are over.

Conga-rats to J.A. Happ on becoming a first-time All-Star.  Not his finest season but easily the most deserving Blue Jay this year. 

Speaking of first-time All-Stars... it's nice to see this:

Want Joe Carter and Robbie Alomar to play for your summer league team?  Here you go...

Friendly reminder that I won't be available to do game threads as of Saturday for a whole month-plus.  I can do Thursday's and Friday's threads for the Red Sox series.


This is your "just beat the Barves" game thread.