Sunday, July 8, 2018

#89 - New York Crybabies (57-29) at Toronto Blue Jays (41-47)

Sunday, July 8, 2018 | 1:07 pm
Rogers Centre | Toronto, ON
Domingo German (2-4, 5.37, 1.27) vs. Ryan Borucki (0-1, 2.77, 1.23


This was the one that was supposed to be aired in prime-time, right?  Before the Yankees whined endlessly about the schedule requiring a night game before flying off to LOL-land for a doubleheader?  Yup.  Crush 'em, Jays.  Make them use up their entire bullpen.

The Yankees won yesterday's game by an 8-5 score, meaning today is the rubber match of the three-game series.  Ryan Borucki goes onto the hill for the Blue Jays to attempt to bring about a series win while going up against Domingo German. 


You see guys like Domingo German starting today and the performance of Sonny Gray in game 1 of this series, and hoo boy, you can see why the Yankees are looking for starting pitching.  Too bad that J.A. Happ wasn't able to turn in a tour de force performance to up the asking price a little further.

Roster changes are afoot - Rhiner Cruz pulled up lame during his stint last night, so he's gone onto the 10-day DL and will be replaced by Tim Mayza, who barely had time to unpack before getting the call again. 

Luke Maile got dinged in the face by a foul tip, so there might be a concussion watch in the works. No word on that yet.

It would have been nice for the Jays to have a prime-time game for once, even with their pretty-meh season in progress.  The sense of entitlement from the Yankees to force a game-time change that makes them so punchable.  Every single person on the 25-man plus their entire front office = punchable. 
It's also fans like these:

Oh, have I made it clear how I feel about the Yankees?  In case that wasn't clear, there's also this:
Or perhaps this?

I'm calm, it's only a game.
I'm calm, it's only a game.
I'm calm, it's only a game.

Just beat them, Jays, and all is right with the world.  Even better if the LOLs sweep them in the doubleheader tomorrow.  The LOLs are 40 games below .500 so they're no threat in the standings to the Jays at all. Dooooo it.


This is your "Make the Yankees Suffer Before Flying to Baltimore" game thread.