Friday, August 16, 2019

#125 - Seattle Mariners (50-72) @ Toronto Blue Jays (51-73)

Friday, August 16, 2019 | 7:07 pm
Rogers Centre | Toronto, Ontario

Matt Wisler (opener, 2-2, 4.58, 1.38) and Wade LeBlanc (bulk, 6-6, 5.14, 1.37)
Jacob Waguespack (big-ass-boy-to-start-on-his-own, 3-1, 4.31, 1.34)


The Blue Jays, after a well-deserved day off, hit the field again with a three-game series at the Rogers Centre against their expansion cousins, the Seattle Mariners.

Jacob Waguespack faces the Mariners for the first time in his career and he'll face a tandem of Matt Wisler (opener) and Wade LeBlanc, who spent time in 2016 with the Bisons before being traded for our old buddy Cash Considerations or an even older buddy PTBNL (it was never revealed which it was for, as far as I could see).  LeBlanc is 0-0, 5.40 in three appearances against the Jays.


I spent six hours trying to kill a fly in my office today.  The little cock-eyed bastige was finally exterminated about a half hour ago, otherwise I prolly wouldn't have been able to do this game threat.  Laptop mouse is dead, though... it paid the price for a wild swing with my ruler.  Crisis averted.  Carry on.

Wondering how the expansion cousins compare in their 43-year histories?  Here you go: