Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who is your favourite rival player?

During our sojourn to Athletics Nation, Karen noticed a thread and suggested it would be fun here. Who are your guilty pleasure players?

I can predict names that are general consensus here: Archer, Trout, Stanton, Price, Harper & Cletus. Who else?

My list:


Drew Fairservice has said you can't print his name without the exclamation mark. Yes, he's not what he was but seriously, he's one of the most fun players to watch in baseball. Being the 4th outfielder in Miami, he currently sports a 368/429/850 line. What's not to like!

Cole Hamels

A large part of his appeal is the pretty. I'm not ashamed of that. Pretty boys have always been my thing. But he's also a lot of fun to watch pitch - just not against us. I don't think I'll ever forget his face of sadness in the dugout during Game 5. It's like a Dutch Master portrait. Hes been doing Cole Hamels things and he is currently out with a groin issue. Oh, the things I could say.

Adam Lind

He always gave the best interviews. I loved how he wouldn't play the standard answer game. He wouldn't give the press much of anything, which I personally think he did deliberately so they'd leave him alone. I still remember the cries of "Free Adam Lind!". Will always have a soft spot for the dude. He's had a slow start to the season so it's time to do a reverse Samson. That beard has to go!

So who are your faves?