Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 Opening Day - Jays vs Rays

It's opening day! Finally, we get one of the prestigious Sunday spots. And a kick-ass matchup between Marcus Stroman and Chris Archer.

For lineups and scuttlebutt, go to Blue Jays Nation.

no cramps13 has offered us this to get us started:

An Ode to your DJF In The House Toronto Blue Jays

Ol' Gibber's back  in his scrum chair.
Rollover clause shot, C'est la guerre.
Drunk on spiced rum, let's Krack a cheer.
It's Spring '16, Sweet Jays are here!
The expectation is first place,
With MVP Dosh reigning at third base.
And our Joey Bats is flippin' great.
Time to renew our Skankees hate.
The Dickey it is sure will shine,
Happster and Polo-Erik, top of the line.
Stro-Show, we know, will show no flaw.
So let the Shitbirds be in awe.
Super Chin's aflight in centre field,
Mighty bats at first Smoak-a-Bong will wield.
Jussell will Muscle through those dog days,
Thank God we're not those Devilled Rays.
Evol-Purp, Go-Go and Tulo,
Will show them D like they don't know.
Maple Caundor's knee will earn it's bucks,
We'd hate to be those Masshole Sux.
Goggles, French Wolf and the Mexicutioner
Will save late inning wins much soonerer
With  Spos Batboy Storen and Dirty Aaron
The AL East flag we won't be sharin'.
Edwing will stay and show them all,
His name upon that excellent wall.
No Papa Buehrl to huehrl but that won't vex us,
The Jays will be bigger, even than Texas.
It's the Ninja's team with some Shapkins tweaking,
A World Series win is what we're seeking.
Have no doubt DJF boyz and goylz,
This year we overthrow the Royals!