Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Fun at DRays Bay

So it's almost 2am and I need something to go up by noon (which is about when I wake up) so I took a swing by DRays Bay. I am blatantly ripping off the concept from Joanna, whose trips to SOSH during Sux series are a highlight of her blog. Don't expect this to be as funny.

Before the game:

In the game notes by Adam Sanford
The Blue Jays came away with the victory, as their ace delivered a better game, but the Rays hold the better chance in the series as they'll send arguably the best 2-3-4 in baseball against one of the worst 2-3-4.
One of the worst? Really? I'd stack this rotation's 2-4 against anyone else in the East except the Rays. Not to mention the A's, the Twins, the Tigers, and the White Sox. But ok guys, we'll chalk it up to being consistent, since they said this in the roundup of game one.
And I would also offer: It has yet to be seen whether the Jays defense can save the rest of their starting rotation in the following three games...
But back to the notes, this time in the comments:
Michael Saunders could hit fifth on a lot of teams. Jays are so good on offense. - Daniel Russell
Not against LHP. - jtmorgan
Oh jt, that's so 2014. It's especially funny because the guy wrote the series preview (assuming the commenter wasn't a troll impersonating him) and said:
 Luckily for Archer he pitches with his right hand as the Blue Jays were especially productive against left handed pitching. 
The game thread:
Big DICKerson gonna go yard on lil dickey
Sorry, SRQman. But bonus points for the double-entrendres. We like those around here. Actually, there were a ton of dick jokes early on but this one is just more Rays than most.
Guys, guys, guys! We're getting like REALLY close to scoring!
(home runs don't count, their fascist) 
Like Wolf, mattc286 likes replying to himself. Points added for Bull Durham reference. Point subtracted for using the wrong they're.
Ugh, we just got Bartman'd
This was before the replay. Some self-awareness going on there.

Actually, there was a lot of self-awareness. A sample:
You can embarass the AL MVP, but Josh Thole is too much?
At the game. So quiet, more like a funeral. Death of the 2016 Rays. Still can’t score.
I feel like I've seen this game a few hundred times
Damn Morrison you slow. Loney would've scored. Oh wait
Nobody goes 2-0 to 2-2 quite like Jennings
Congrats to Drew Smyly for matching Chris Archer's "He looked great other than when he allowed those runs!" outing 
It's funny cause I've actually grown to hate the Jays so much now that they're good and annoying and the Rays don't beat up on them constantly
Can we just start the season with 19 games against the Jays and get it over with?
Remember when we just used to chalk up a trop home series against the Jays as a W? Yeah, those were good times. 
 A million stranded runners, homers to fucking Thole and Saunders. Remind me again how this isn’t 2015 part 2? - Imperialism32
It's worse than 2015. We wouldn’t have given up the homer to Thole last year. - scharms
No one gave up a fucking HR to Thole last year - raysfaninminnesota
more hits. nothing to show for it.. *sigh*
 And back to delusion.
Seeing Pillar's catch live was incredible. Still can’t touch KK’S arm and range though.
100% was a catch. Wouldn't be surprised if they don't overturn though. Because #UmpiresFuckingHateUs
I personally liked this one:
Kiermaier just runs til he's tagged out now, apparently.
There's some kind of banner in-joke:
1-11 with RISP tonight! get the banner out early this season boys!- Rays1118
Tomorrow they'll be .500 with RISP (1-2) - Imperialism32
It was never taken down. Perpetual champs baby! - Ben Tumbling 
The Rays, leaders in threatening rallys that end up with 1 run scored. - scharms on
Please remember to phrase your answer in the form of a banner.- mattc286 
And in case you thought fatalism was exclusive to Toronto fans, look what happened when Dosh hit his bomb:
Worst thing about that was the Islanders literally just fucking scored at the exact same moment as that home run. - dirty arcade
hopefully the lightning choke their way out of the playoffs just to embarrass this shit hole sports town more - BucoffBuddy 
 Season over? - td32
 franchise over - Ben Tumbling
 Season ticket drive just launched in Montreal - td32
After the game:
on pace for 162 losses - Rays1118
All 5-3 all the time - Imperialism32 
stupid two-run ballgames, why can't they lose like the used to? - Daniel Russell 
But in the end, scharms had a sentiment we can all agree with.
Fuck Boston
Off topic, but I just like saying it.