Thursday, April 7, 2016

If it Ain't Fixed Don't Break It

(First off these are my thoughts and don't represent how MK may or may not feel.)

I've been happily reading Andrew Stoeten for about seven years now and I can honestly say that his writing has enriched my entire Blue Jays experience. He has a knack for cutting through the shit and being honest about the Jays. I, as a fan sometime get blinded by my passion for the team. I immediately think any pitcher who plunks one of our guys is dog shit and when our pitchers throw a rib tickler they are justified. I loved Jose's Bat flip but I wanted to strangle the fuck out of Fernando Rodney every time that crooked hat wearing bastard fired a make believe arrow into the clouds. I hated Shapiro before he ever sat his fair skinned freckled ass on the Rogers Centre Big-Chair. I hated him, because to accept him meant the departure of Anthopolous was REAL. God damn I didn't want him to go.

I loathed John Farrel after "DreamJobGate".
I was emotionally to the point where if I saw him accidentally wander into Zed & Spider's Pawn Shop, I not only wouldn't have warned him but I probably would've woken the Gimp.

In each of these cases Andrew wrote a piece that explored both sides of the story. He wrote unbiased posts that challenged my point of view. Anyone who knows me knows that I am very strong minded (polite way to put it) when it comes to opinions I form. Andrew didn't change my views on many of these situations but he always gave me lots to think about. I have long admired how he prioritizes his impartiality over his passion as a fan.

So, why am I writing all this?

Because this place offers everything Andrew's doesn't. What MK has brought back here at "Jays In The House" is a fan friendly experience. An experience that offers insight and just as importantly offers interactivity. The true allure for me at Drunk Jays Fans and then at was You.

Why are you looking over your shoulder?

No I mean it, it's you guys. The fans.

Andrews writing was always great, he's truly gifted. I went to his site for the articles but I stayed for You.
You the fans.
You the passionate fans.
A thousand different views, a thousand different perspectives. Humour, bad puns, anger, memes, gifs, jokes, stories, PASSION.
Sometimes it was real life.
People shared Jays road trips, new jobs, new significant others, new baby Jays fans joining the army.
Some shared stories of personal hardship, family illness or sometimes worse..

We became family.
Some may think that sounds corny.
But hey, fuck them.
We're fans.
We're Friends
We're Family.

That's what this site has brought back. I will still go to Andy's site often because I enjoy his work. I will probably go more often now as he has employed two gifted writers in Lott and Fowles.
I will read.
I will retweet.
I will still enjoy all that brought us together.

But this is home now. This will stay home to me even if Andrews new site brings in a more fan friendly commenting system. I will still pop in at Andys and offer my opinions. It will probably be met with "stop, dumb" or worse.
I'll still go.
But this will be home.
I hope it will be for you too.

This may or may not be a picture of my brother in an Ernie Whitt jersey sliding face first into the Rogers Centre pitching mound while Frank Thomas laughs in the background.
Security may or may not have dropped the Peoples Elbow on the back of his head.
I may or may not have had to bail him out.
It may or may not have been 1 day before his wedding.
We may or may not have decided to tell his wife.

That's Kelly Grubers Bastard Son. (Allegedly)

See! This shit is what makes it fun.

Love you assholes.

Lastly, MK does this out of her own pocket. There's a donation tab on the side if you'd like to help out. Many of you have already. You're a good bunch a bastards.

Go Jays!