Monday, September 26, 2016

The Montreal Canadiens of Baseball

(AKA The September 2016 Slumpbusters)

Reggie Jackson's 3 HR game in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series. Wow.

Love 'em or hate 'em, you have to appreciate what the New York Yankees have accomplished in baseball: 40 World Series appearances (doubling runner-up SF/NY Giants combined 20), 27 World Series Championships (Cards have 11); no team in the history of baseball comes close to the success they've enjoyed over their 103 years.

Granted, much like the Montreal Canadiens, they've employed a significant advantage beyond sheer seniority. While it is often cited but wholly false, the Canadiens had perhaps enjoyed the "Quebec Territorial Rights" advantage (disproven here.) Meanwhile it's pretty obvious to even the most casual of fans that the Yankees have had the massive surplus of money to go out and buy whatever free agents they'd like to (although this year's payroll in 2nd in the MLB to the Dodgers).

Vernon was signed to a 2yr deal worth 42MM. 5th worst NYY move ever.

Money doesn't often equal wins, but it doesn't hurt. 

I don't like the Yankees. Never will. But I respect them. You have to, right? I've been all around this world and I see NYY hats everywhere. They're an international commodity. Immigrants landing at Ellis Island over a hundred years ago, Old World folks without any knowledge of baseball, grew to love America via their Yankees, it was a bridge between cultures and generations. That connection cannot be dismissed, no matter how much we may dislike the team.

And, although their fans can be obnoxious they are not the fuckin' Boston Massholes:

They start 'em young in Baaaaahston. This poor kid never had a chance. His father should be charged with child abuse. 

So, if the Yankees are the Canadiens of baseball, I'd say the Red Sux would fittingly be the Bruins. Just the most hateful goons out there, with the worst fans. Bobby Orr retired 40 years ago you twats. 

Now, objectively, which NHL franchise do you think would be equal to our Toronto Blue Jays? 

2/2 in World Series appearances. Late 70's expansion team.... Please post your comparisons in the comments. I have a team in mind and I'm eager to discuss. 

Thank you again New York Yankees for the WC cushion, today is a good day for a SWEEP!