Wednesday, September 14, 2016

MLB Power Rankings - Doom and Gloom Edition

Wake me up when September ends. Just 3 wins in 11 games so far. We have dropped from #3-4th in the overall MLB Power Rankings to around #7-8th. The Sux have the AL East lead and somehow the Yankees are just 2GB of the final wildcard spot (along with the Tigers, Mariners 2.5 back). But call me crazy, ever since the player's only meeting this seems like a different team. They need their leaders to step up. If Joey or Tulo or Dosh or even Russell can get hot, the whole team could catch fire: they're a fuse just looking for a spark. has our post-season probability way down to 81%, down from a season-high 95% back on August 29th:

Yankees at just 8.8% seems a little low to me?

Our "friends" over at drop up way down, with a mere 63% chance of making the playoffs!

And here are some more blurbs about our boys from some smaller (not link worthy) publications:

We need to start scoring some runs. Hands up if you thought the Jays' starting pitching was going to be this good this year? The starters are on a bit of a slide, but once the bats wake up, this team should gain some swagger and some momentum for October... #gojaysyouassholes