Monday, September 12, 2016

Forgotten Fan Favorites Vol. #1: Candy Maldonado

Candy Maldonado, circa 1992

I'm a fan. One of my favorite "forgotten" Jays ever? As a kid I always loved "The Candyman".

Maybe it was hitting his 20th HR in the very last game of the 1992 season. Probably as a pre-teen in Sydney River, Cape Breton, I thought his nickname was pretty rad. I always thought he was a good defender. But what most likely cemented my inexplicable adoration for this Puerto Rican journeyman OF was this historic clutch hit, winning the first World Series game ever played in Canada:

He had a pretty solid year back in 1992, finishing 4th over in team OPS, ahead of Joe Carter! :

Candy ended up coming back for a cup of coffee with the Jays in 1995 (I do not remember that?), played in over 1400 MLB games, and is a member of the Caribbean and Puerto Rican Baseball Halls of Fame. A key depth piece in the outfield. Like a slower MUJ, who, you know, could hit a little.

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