Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ode to the Optimistic

Inspired by An Ode To The Overwhelmed by Samantha Bennett

Here's to the Optimists
The ones who faithfully watch every game
Who hold out hope until the final out

They buy the tickets
Or go to the bars
Or bring snacks on the couch

When a play goes bad
They yell and scream
Then go back to cheering for them to get out it

When the team scores runs
They get excited
Then get greedy and want more
It's a high better than alcohol or drugs

And they never, never give up.

Many want to expect the worst
Think it will soften the blow
Are they happy?
Do they find joy in the game?
One wonders

For the optimists
The game holds moments of magic
And mystery
The simple joy of the crack of the bat
The flash of the leather
The placement of strike three

Grab a glass
I toast you for riding the waves of pennant race
For loving your team through thick and thin
For sticking it out even in the bleakest of times

Where would we be without you?