Monday, September 19, 2016

Mr. September 2016

From the 2015 All-Star Game. Those caps are hideous!
Forget about Mr. October for now, we will cross that bridge when (and if?) we get to it. With the Jays hanging onto a wild card spot with just 13 games remaining (although Drew and AS continue to claim there's a lot of baseball left?), the team needs someone to step up and win some games.

Although most nights I feel like anyone could be the hero (Pillar, or whoever is in the 7-9 slots), now is the time for one of our many leaders to take the bull by the horns.

Here's who I think could fill this role, from least to most likely, in a very particular order.

#5 Jose Bautista: What a quiet contract year for JoeyBats! I know he missed a lot of baseball, but he has looked rather listless this year, hasn't he? Some good D of late tho... .748 OPS (Post All-Star)

#4 Troy Tulowitzki: Apparently a clubhouse leader, Tulo has been pretty solid after a terrible start to the season, he's got some pop and potential to lead this team. .791 OPS (PAS)

#3 Edwin Encarnacion: What a year for EE! "Leading the world in RBIs"- Buck Martinez. I thought he had a rough third game in Anaheim. The man produces but does not strike me as a clubhouse leader. Side note: EE's defence at 1B has impressed me all year long. .886 OPS (PAS)

#2 Josh Donaldson: Out of the MVP discussion (easy win for Trout, even tho his team is hot garbage), he's had a rough month. I like his energy, although I thought he was a little flippant over the heated exchange with Gibby. ("Tom Ford cologne"?). Health seems to be no longer an issue. He's a rockstar and can carry this team on his back on a good day. .857 OPS (PAS)

“Told him after first AB, get a new bat that one’s not working. He took same one up there the 2nd time, didn't work." - #gibbythebest
#1 Russell Martin: I can't be the only one who was second guessing the 5yr/82MM contract in April. Russ started 0/50 or something and looked lost at the plate. After the All-Star break he has really turned it on: team-leading .912OPS, elite pitch-framing (stealing an average of 7 strikes a game??), he makes pitchers look good, and when the game's on the line I wanna see Russell Martin at the plate. Maple boner. Hell, boner boner. This guy can ball!

Agree? Agree? Let me know. Devon Travis is an honourable mention, he's been unreal PAS with a staggering .340AVG and a 4th best .841OPS. Plus D. Plus speed but some baserunning mistakes. If one or hopefully three of these guys steps up, we got this baby.

We got this.