Friday, September 9, 2016

Now is not the time to panic

The Jays are out of first place with 23 games to go.

This may seem to you to be a fine time to panic. My question to you is, why?

What does panicking accomplish?

Does it make you feel better? No. It creates anxiety, which creates stress in the body, which we usually then try to drown with drink or food to not feel it.

Does it make the team play better? No. It leads to playing tight and pressing, which exasperates the problem.

Does it make the standings change? No. Not even witch Bautista has that power.

There's a reason they tell people not to panic in the case of emergencies. People tend to make bad decisions that cause a lot of harm. Only by being calm and working together can the problem be taken care of.

That's on the players. And on us as a community.

Next time someone bobbles a ball, or strikes out, or makes an over-aggressive baserunning mistake, try taking a deep breath. Then look around. Is your house burning down? If it's not, it's not an emergency. Baseball isn't life or death.

We wouldn't care if we didn't love it. Remember the love. Remember all the awesome moments and trust that more are coming.

Believe in this team. They believe in themselves. They can use our belief in them too.