Saturday, September 3, 2016

MLB Power Rankings - September Edition

Now things are getting serious folks. Let's do a little math: 133 games down and our Toronto Blue Jays are 19 games over .500 at 76-57. 29 games left. Even if they go 14-15 they end up 90-72, which makes the playoffs. Things are looking good here folks. MLB has Toronto's postseason projection at a season-high 94.3% That's good. Really good. 

So what are the American media moguls saying about those pesky birds from the north?

CBSSports has us 4th overall, with a quirky Benoit stat:

The heroes over at FiveThirtyEight have us at a lofty #2 overall:

ESPN 4th, mentioning DEPTH:

And for some reason (a few days ago) TSN's Scott Cullen had the Red Sux AHEAD of our boys, even though they had lost 4 of 5 and our boys had just slaughtered the Twins:

Feel free to send him love via Twitter @tsnscottcullen

As a parting shot (ahem) who the heck is Matt Dermody? Luckily I get all my news from the Des Moines Register, nice little writeup on his story here.