Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Guide to the Rays blogosphere

As I suspected, there's some interesting little way stations in the Rays blogosphere. There's Shadow of the Stadium, which describes itself as "providing perspective on the economics and politics of sports business in Florida...and the Rays' campaign for a new stadium in Tampa Bay." It's run by a real investigative reporter and is fascinating. Then there's Tampa Bay Baseball Market, which covers all the team in the Tampa Bay area. There's a section on Dunedin. It covers attendance, economics, demographics, marketing, even theories on how things are the way they are. Very comprehensive site.

Then there's the more traditional Rays blogs.

DRays Bay

This is the site we all know and love. The SB Nation site for the Rays, it has great writing and level headed perspective. Nothing exceptional about it but I've always enjoyed reading it.

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X-Rays Spex

Now this is the reason I wanted to do the Rays blogosphere. To find a site like this.
If you were looking for the official Facebook page of the Tampa Bay Rays, uh…this ain’t it. This is THE official, unofficial Rays FanSite! We are definitely not going to be the best Fan Site out there…actually, we’ll probably be batting just over .200. At least we will amuse ourselves and hopefully a few others as well. But, if they aren’t amused…who gives a shit.
There don't have much of a commenting community but a team of writers who have good analytical insight into their team.

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Rays Index

This site covers the Rays all throughout the organization. It seems to be a one-man site but Cork Gaines seems to be pretty prolific. His bio lists writing for some major sites - dude even has a section for media mentions of the blog. They have a comprehensive org depth chart. The most interesting section is the list of nicknames.

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