Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday Night Spanish Guitar!

Hello Friends,

(I wonder how do I put a gif in a post...)

As you know I'm taking over some of the writing duties here in our little community and you also may have noticed I'm not exactly Mr. Stats. I guess if I'm Mr. anything, I'd be Mr. Wolf.

Or Mr. Gif

(Ah-ha! Figured it out!)

I won't be writing a lot on advanced metrics. I like to think of myself as 50% eye test, 50% stats and 50% talking out of my ass. During this slow, long, dark, dreary thing we call the "off-season", there may not always be fun and exciting things to talk about, baseball wise, so hopefully we can come up with a few regular items to keep ourselves busy. For Saturday nights, while we have had "Party Weekends" in the past, which typically end up with me and Tom W swapping Youtube links to our favorite music, I thought I would assert my authority (which is precisely none) and name it "Saturday Night Spanish Guitar!", for obvious reasons.

This of course in no way binds us to posting or talking music, just some fun for anyone who wants to drop in and discuss music, baseball, basketball, hockey etc. I would like to stay away from talking about the weather. Did that with RADAR once and now I know what "Altostratus Clouds are", like I have space in there for that kind of knowledge.

As always, any suggestions are welcome for topics/posts/guest writers are welcome. Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, one more thing...