Thursday, June 1, 2017

no. 54 2017: Yankees (30-20) at Blue Jays (26-27)

Thursday 1 June 2017
7:07 PM EDT / Rogers Centre Skydome
CC Sabathia (LHP 5-2 4.42 ERA 46K) v. Marco Estrada (RHP 4-2 3.15 ERA 78K)

.500 could be ours tonight. Who would have thunk it a month ago? Good riddance April indeed. Sending out intentions that June continues the May resurgence.

And the roof is open!

Of Note:  Martin gets an actual day off as Maile is starting tonight. Safe to say Martin is starting tomorrow with Liriano. Travis is also sitting, having Barney replace him. I suspected this has something to do with Sabathia on the mound but looks like I'm wrong.

Toronto Blue Jays
Kevin Pillar  CF
Josh Donaldson  3B
Jose Bautista  RF
Kendrys Morales  DH
Justin Smoak  1B
Troy Tulowitzki SS
Darwin Barney  2B
Ezekiel Carrera  LF
Luke Maile  C

New York Yankees
Gardner LF
Sanchez C
Judge RF
Holliday DH
Castro 2B
Gregorius SS
Hicks CF
Headley 3B
Carter 1B

RAB's smart enough to know to fear us, especially tonight's matchup against "Yankee Killer" Estrada. Some highlights from their previous thread:
Toronto is the team we should worry about. I was hoping they kept loosing even when they were in last place. Now they are back and their are hitting their stride right now and we get to face them for 4 games in another house of terrors for the Yanks.
I'll be extremely happy if get lucky and leave that place with a split series. They need to win at least 1 game, but Toronto has their best pitcher facing us starting with Estrada and his CU today.
Toronto is really back to their swagger and "we are better than you so deal with it attitude" that makes people love to hate them again.
Wouldn't be surprised if they won the division at all. It's either them or Boston unless we make a huge deadline acquisition or Tanaka returns to form. Even then it'll be tough. We've got a good start though. I think we end up with Wild Card #1 or #2.
If Tanaka doesn't win 10 more games, we're in trouble.

Use this to feed your anger, boys:
 It's kind of adorable to see that swagger from a Canadian team that has had an awful 24 years.
 Right? It makes you want to punch them in the face. Better yet kick them in their balls for the hell of it.
Or burn Toronto again. 

This is your game thread: "Drown out the Yankee Fans" Edition.