Thursday, June 8, 2017

Link Dump June 8th Edition

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I wish I was smart enough to know what the hell an RSS feed was so I could use one but I ain't, so I peruse the web for stories about the Jays. When I find something interesting. I like to give credit where credit is due, and so MK doesn't get sued. Such is the case with story of the ticket gouging by the Mariners upcoming setto with the Jays. Via Stoeten, in his Daily? Duce, which Links a story from The News Tribune, that says the ticket prices for the Jays series have been dynamically priced over double the price of the previous series against the Twins. Lower bowl for the twinkies-$29-75, for the Jays-$66-175. The Tribune article further links a CBC piece, which says Canadian fans aren't too happy about the ticket gouging. While listening to the Fan590, which I'm not going to link because I'm linked out and my head is spinning ( sorta like the bedspins from my younger years but I digress), it was suggested that the Seattle ball club and their fans were not pleased about their home game becoming a Jays home game. So much so, that it's been alleged that Seattle's front office has been less accommodating to the Sportsnet media types. C'est la vie, you fucking pinheads. I betcha the local economy is just tickled at the thought of less cash in their pocket from their northern neighbours. ( Is this sarcasm font working? )

From CBS Sports and Keegan Matheson of MLBdotcom, comes news that T.J. Zeuch has been placed on the 7 day DL with an undisclosed injury. Speculation is that there may be no injury but just an attempt to manage Zeuch's innings. Seriously? He's 21 and in Dunedin A ball. I know some may think would be a wise move but 53innings in 9 starts and one relief? Maybe the injury is real. Dunno.

I mentioned it in one of the game treats, for those of you who enjoyed the tweets and website Cespedes Family BBQ, they have formally announced that they will be shuttering the website, (not the twitter account),  having obtaining legitimate employment with Cut4 ( MLB .com). It's neat to see blogging hard work result in MSM employment. Speaking of which, if you can spare a few ducats, a toonie or enough to buy a latte, I'm sure MK would be grateful. Either way.we love you all in The House, all are welcome. ( Thanks to those who already have contributed, I know it is truly appreciated ).

Shi Davidi reports that Sanchez is feeling tremendous and details how a blister led to cutting off a third of Sanchez's fingernail which led to the exposed new skin splitting and a 3rd trip to the DL. The Jays are being cautious with his recovery but this is some actual positive news.

It's been over two years since the Donaldson trade and In an interview at Blue Jay Hunter, Alex Hall of Athletic Nation tells Ian, the A's fans loathed the Donaldson trade. Even if Barreto turns out to be a star, Alex says it will be a stain on the A's history. Alex Hall is still pissed at the deal, not so much Alex Anthopoulos and the Jays fanbase. Tee Hee.

Bichette,Guerrero,Maese and Encina have all been named to the MWL East Division All Star team. I can almost envision Smasher pissing his pants over the announcement. With Bichette hitting .382, an OPS of  1.073 and Guerrero hitting .332, an OBP of .422, I can't say that I blame him. Starting to develop a mancrush on both of them myself. I lost Smoral so I need something.

I was thinking about delving into who the Jays might pick in the upcoming amateur draft, on Monday June 12th, they have two picks in the first round, 22nd and 28th, but in looking at all the mock drafts, there's no clear choice amongst the 10 or so I looked at. Except one player, who was listed on 4 or 5 of them. That player, Alex Lange out of LSU. has a brief description here.

Lastly, with 2 dingers yesterday, I'm starting to become one of the converted and wondering whether I was wrong about Justin Smoak. Call to the Pen has a decent piece on his emergence at age thirty, perhaps reaching the heights that were always projected for him. As Gibby said,  "Shouldn't have signed that contract. He's losing money now,"