Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Link Dump

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One of the topics of conversation yesterday was about Grilli and whether it is time to cut bait and bring in somebody else from within the system. In an opinionated post at BBB ( in my opinion), Matt Gross does give food for thought and according to the poll in the same piece, it appears that the majority of voters think that Grilli should be DFA'd.

But wait, not so fast,Stoeten has his own thoughts about Grilli being toast. He shreds the BBB piece, gives us his slant on the situation. Read both articles, tell me which side of the fence you stand on.
During the discussion in the Jith comment section, several of you suggested that Howell should go first aaaaaand it appears that again, the readers and commenters at Jith are indeed wise, intelligent, ahead of the curve and damn good looking too, because Howell has been placed on the ten day DL due to left arm shittiness answer the question how do the Jays open up a roster spot on the 25 man?

Chisholm writes that LHRP Beliveau has brought up from the Bisons to bolster the bullpen and did get into last nights game with no damage done. Also in the same article by Chisolm, we get an injury update on Travis. He's had xrays, nothing is broken but he is heavily bandaged and is listed day to day, possibly returning as soon as Wednesday. So much for my prediction of 4 to 6 weeks. My career involving diagnosing injuries through a television screen is not off to the greatest start. Thank God I'm not a quitter and will continue to dole out medical advice, without actually examining a patient, until I get it right. A steep learning curve, no doubt, but isn't that the way all cardiologists start?

Jays from the Couch has a round up from last nights game, for those of you who don't or can't stay up to watch the left coast games. While Pillar did have a walk, a double and scored the games first run, author Black does call Pillar's race to the plate a questionable decision. Sorry dude, right call, wrong result.

Remember Glenn Sparkman? He was the Rule 5 Pickup from this last winter, who broke his thumb in Spring Training and went on to the 60 day DL. According to Jays Journal, he started his rehab last Thursday, in Dunedin. With the bullpen "running on fumes", according to Gibby and the fact that the Jays must keep Sparkman on the 25 man with the big club ( when he completes his rehab assignment) or lose him, could he provide the pen with some much needed help? We'll find out soon enough.

Off Topic. From Hazel Mae's twitter feed This link. Seriously?
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