Sunday, March 6, 2016

We're in the house!

Welcome to the house!

This blog came about as a product of two things - a desire to start writing about the Toronto Blue Jays and a location change for my long-time hangout, DJF/AS, now known as The move to The Nation network was so that long-time kick-ass blogger Andrew Stoeten could have a better situation to create content. (It's great content - give Andrew all the clicks!) But there's been major growing pains.

That really showed me that there was a thirst for interaction and friendship and community. And I started thinking about serving desert after Andrew's great meals.

So this is a playground for the great people I've come to know. There will be pub nights every off day with a theme, although you're welcome to come by and just shoot the shit or flip a table. The day after the all-star game will be the second annual music video wars. As for content, there will be touching base with ex-Jays, seeing what other fanbases have to say about our wrecking crew, and pithy quotes from my parents as we watch the games. There will be the odd post about the challenges of being a woman and a baseball fan. (Shitty Jays gear, I'm coming for you!) There will be unabashed appreciation of the pretty: the rule is aesthetic comments are welcome, what you would like to do to said pretty is not. That crosses over into objectification.

Other ground rules:
To post you must be registered with Disqus.
No sexist crap - that means images, comments, or screen names. No racist crap. No hateful crap.
No insulting other posters - you're free to challenge people's viewpoints, you are not free to call them names. And yes, that includes calling people stupid and variations thereof. (Including my personal fave, "give your head a shake". SMH)
No flashing gifs/images. Nothing that can give people headaches. Everything else is good.
No down voting. If you have a problem with a particular comment, articulate it.
No dehumanizing players. Criticize their performance and behaviour. But never forget there's a human being playing the game.

Be thoughtful. Be kind. Be respectful of others.

Any violation of these rules and you will be banned without appeal. This is not a democracy. This is my house. You're allowed to swear. Malibu rum freely available at the bar.

Enjoy the party and have fun!