Thursday, March 24, 2016

Contract negotiations are none of our goddamn business

In my post the other day, I found myself saying a couple of times in the comments this title phrase. So I'm going to say it again.

Contract negotiations are none of our goddamn business!

A contract is signed between two parties - one offering goods or services and the other acquiring goods or services. It is negotiated to determine price, terms and conditions that are agreed upon by both parties. This negotiations are only brought to a third party (an arbitrator) if the two have an ongoing existing relationship and cannot agree to terms, usually in an unionized environment.

Do you see fans in the above scenario? I don't.

Players sign contracts with their clubs that obligate them to restrict their services to that club exclusively during the duration of the contract. After the World Series, the club has an exclusive window to negotiate with those finishing their contracts before they are allow to negotiate with any other club.

In this current scenario, Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista (also Brett Cecil, RA Dickey and others) are under contract for the 2016 season, which I will remind you has not even started yet.

So why the fuck is everyone freaking out now????

As others have pointed out, there are some good reasons for the club to wait out the season (state of Canadian dollar, ratings for a full season, EE's health, ongoing budget discussions with Rogers).

All of a sudden, everyone is worried about the players feelings, a lot of whom didn't give a fuck about those feeling when the players weren't performing. Even though both players have said repeatedly that it;s a business and they know that. Even though the front office has said repeatedly that they want to keep them.

What the fuck does all this constant drum beating accomplish? Besides giving the media a ton of clicks and the fan base a ton of angst? Do you really want to spend the whole season being angsty, only to have them sign here after the season is over? You only have to look at Chris Davis to see that it's possible.

Meanwhile, we have a team with a scary lineup and some pretty decent pitching. This team could have an amazing year. Why the fuck are we hung up on worrying about what happens in 8 months?

In the end, contracts will get signed or not signed. At that time we'll know. Until then, chill the fuck out! I'm tired of the unrelenting negativity of Jays fans. I thought we got over that shit last summer. Why can't we just enjoy the game? Isn't that why we're fans?