Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From the comfy chair

On a Tuesday?

That's because there's big news!

Starting with Friday's game in Montreal, we will now have game threats!

I have no interest in doing scuttlebutt or lineups - you can still go to Blue Jays Nation for that. But at noon for afternoon games and at 6pm (all times EST) for night games, a thread will go up for you to talk about the games. A mod will be assigned for each threat and they have the final say about comments and banning. Treat them nicely!

Party weekend post moves to Saturday night. In the case of a Saturday night game (thanks Baltimore and Tampa), it will flip with the game threat. On weekday matinees. the threat gets the noon slot and the day's post will go up at 6pm. The rest of the publishing schedule remains the same.


I think this got a little lost in all the migrating excitement Friday afternoon so I'm going to mention it once more. For those who expressed an interest in financially supporting my work with the site, there are two buttons on the sidebar that enable you to do so. If you want to do small monthly support, like a Patreon, click on the Subscribe button. If you want to do a one-time donation, click on the Donate button.

A big thank you to those who donated last Friday. Your financial support means a lot to me. I'm humbled and grateful.