Thursday, May 11, 2017

no. 35 2017: Mariners (17-17) at Blue Jays (13-21)

Thursday 11 May 2017
7:07PM EDT / Rogers Centre
Chase De Jong (RHP 0-2 6.75 6K) v. Marco Estrada (RHP 1-2 3.14 45K)

Previously on RSN's "The Walking Dead Blue Jays"...

And yet, they have won two series in a row. Catch as catch can, lads. Keep it up.

Of Note: SP Francisco Liriano has joined the ranks of an awfully good pick-up team down there in Dunedin. Hands up anyone who didn't see that coming. RP Leonel Campos has been summoned from Buffalo, in the interim. Expect him to wind up on the DL aaaaany minute now.

An Aside: What inspires someone to become a Dentist? "I enjoy crawling around dank, filthy places AND causing strangers near stroke-inducing anxiety -- the question is, how on Earth shall I use this gift to my advantage?" Aaah, whatever. It's done. My mouth is silky smooth again. All four wisdom teeth are on the grow, however, which goes some distance toward explaining the dull pain at the edges of my jaw. I had half-worried it was tetanus.

One Last Thing: On this day in 1977, it was precisely forty years ago.

Toronto Blue Jays
Kevin Pillar (R) CF
Ezequiel Carrera (L) RF
Jose Bautista (R) DH
Justin Smoak (S) 1B
Steve Pearce (R) LF
Ryan Goins (L) SS
Devon Travis (R) 2B
Chris Coghlan (L) 3B
Luke Maile (R) C

Seattle Mariners
Jean Segura (R) SS
Ben Gamel (L) RF
Nelson Cruz (R) DH
Kyle Seager (L) 3B
Danny Valencia (R) 1B
Taylor Motter (R) LF
Mike Freeman (L) 2B
Tuffy Gosewisch (R) C
Jarrod Dyson (L) CF

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