Friday, May 13, 2016

Guide to the Texas Rangers blogosphere

Since ya'll liked the SF post so much I've doing it for other teams we face this year excepting the AL East teams. (Familiarity does breed contempt.) Sadly, unlike the SF blogs, there aren't any cool post titles or webcomics. There is some good writing though.

Lone Star Ball

The busiest of the Texas Blogs, this is their contribution to the SB Nation network. The writing is pretty good and the fans have a sense of humour.

One Strike Away

This is the blog for the SABR inclined. It's a Sweet Spot blog but has great analysis. And they use Disqus. Go have fun kids!

Interesting recent post:  When the Prince IS the Pauper

The Newberg Report

This is the real find. Not your average blog. The founder, Jamey Newberg, can write and he's become quite influential. (Click the link - his story is interesting.) The posts are newsletters which he then collects at the end of the year and sells as a book. Easily the best writer in their community.

Interesting recent post:  Hang in, hang out