Monday, May 9, 2016

Guide to the SF Giants blogosphere

So we're going into San Fran for 3. We know the Giants for their annoying tendency to win the WS in an even year. And guess what this is?

Turns out that they have quite the robust online communities. Here's a guide to the best:

McCovey Chronicles

One of the first opposition blogs I was ever introduced to. Grant Brisbee is a great writer and check out their community guidelines. Not bad for an SB Nation site. It was in fact the second SB Nation site, starting out as an independent site in 2005.

Best recent post title: Giants implode, lose by 600 runs to Rockies, infield grass catches on fire, outfield grass sinks into the depths below, the seagulls are bleeding from the eyes, and they're coming for you and everyone you love

One Flap Down

This blog reminds me a lot of the early DJF. Independent dudes blog but they seem knowledgeable about the game and pretty sane for fans. Good code of conduct. Wolf and Joe McD will have a field day with the photo links on the sidebar. The name is a homage to SF player Jeffrey Leonard, whose home run trot is the opposite of Edwin's, where he kept one arm down the whole way.

Best recent post title: An Inning that Refused to Die

Lunatic Fringe

My personal favourite. This is a webcomic that comes out 3 times a week that features a cast of characters that represent a cross-section of fandom - they're all laid out here. Besides the comic at the top, they've done a few about us, including one that has the connecting post analyzing the potential Rios for Lincecum trade. It's worth spending hours going through the archive.

Best recent post title: Too Many Freakouts

Anybody have some to add to the list?